For refugees

Helpful resources for refugees & asylum seekers

For trustworthy information

for women and older girls

If you are an Asylum Seeker Migrant Help is usually first option BE READY TO QUEUE ON ‘HOLD’ FOR A LONG TIME Free phone helpline (open 24/7/365): 0808 8010 503 


A respected refugee-sympathetic charity with branches in most towns
RefuNet ask for a volunteer free tutor1 hour a week online English lessons
Want to feel some love and welcome?
great support and online activities. You have to call and register

Women learn English (beginners, intermediate and advanced) currently on zoom
items being given away for free. Environmental charity. Keep yourself safe if you are meeting with strangers
download the app to find free food
Free meals cooked by volunteers. Fridays 7 – 8pm collect from SE25 4XG
Youth music project for refugees in Croydon aged 14 – 23 Wednesday evenings
Immigration Legal advice

An app. WHerever you are in the UK It tells you the nearby humanitarian organisations

If you are detained Gatwick Detainees Welfare Group

Refugee Action campaigns and trustworthy news and information

Croydon Voluntary Action run outdoor sport activities. They help if you want to volunteer.