Education & Activities

In non-covid times Rosie heads the Family Education Project with play, games, singing and English conversation for all ages in one of the Core IA hotels. Due to coronavirus, this is paused, but

Currently running:

Open air Refugee community Gardening Project running with Friends of Park Hill Park

Sport and Craft in a local Park in South Croydon on Thursday mornings 10 – 12

Adults football Wednesdays 2pm Thornton Heath with CVA

Face-to-face English classes (no creche, wear a mask) St Augustine’s Church 2pm

Help filling in forms (with free wifi) Thursday afternons 2pm

Asylum Seeker children aged between 4 and 16 in our Core IA accommodation for more than a month often seek to enroll temporarily in a local school. (This will not make any difference to dispersal location). For more information or help with this or any of the above, contact