Current Needs

Rail of clothes

Croydon Refugee Day Centre are delighted to receive donations of new and good second hand clothes and trainers for men, women and children.

We can receive good second hand clothes and trainers for men, women and children every Monday (including this April bank hol) from 10 to noon at our base at West Croydon Baptist Church. There is a very small car park.

  • for children:

    boys’ underpants, all ages (new)

    girls’ knickers, all ages (new)

  • for men:

    new underpants all sizes, put particularly 28 – 32 inch waist


    trainers, particularly size 8 / 42

  • for women:

    new knickers, particularly sizes 10 – 14


  • for babies

    size 1 nappies


Good quality pre-wiped unlocked

tablets /laptops


  • to help sort clothes and bags
  • to help staff the pared down outdoor service Day Centre as we re-open on Tuesday mornings


The church is accessed by car by turning into the centre of the larger roundabout at the West Croydon end of Wellesley Road. Driving north along Wellesley Rd bear left and then hug the inside of the roundabout, go past the St James Rd turn off and then turn hard second right into the centre of the roundabout, under the new flats, straight through their car park and then turn right up a ramp and into our small carpark. Ring bell for Hall 2. Any queries ring Ivanka

Thank you for your help and support.

Posted on: 25 April 2021